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Selected Projects

  • Development of market entry strategy in Japan and selection of potential cooperation partners

  • Approach and first contact to Japanese companies

  • Successful established cooperation and joint product development

  • Preparing startups for international business by supporting and coaching in Business Model development, product lineups, finance plans, presentations, etc.

  • Support in international Market Intelligence and Market Research

  • Establishing contact to Overseas companies

  • Selection of potential cooperation partners and M&A targets in the field of cosmetic ingredients

  • Proposal of approach and support in first contact to selected Japanese company

  • Successful established partnership with regard to joint product development, market access, and cross-selling

Selected Lectures & Workshops

Lecture at the Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration of Kobe University about “Culture Based Challenges and Counter-Strategies in cross-border M&A”

Lecture at the University of Tokyo`s “Enhancing Development of Global Entrepreneur” (EDGE) Program about “Business Development in a German Chemical Company”

Organization and realization of a workshop about possibilities of “M&A in Japan” for a German chemical company