Automotive World 2019

The Automotive World 2019 is a combination of 6 exhibitions around automotive manufacturing and automotive parts. The Automotive World 2019 consist of CAR-ELE JAPAN-11th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo EV JAPAN-10th EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo 9th Automotive Lightweight Technology Expo 7th Connected Car JAPAN CAR-MECHA JAPAN - 5th Automotive Components & Processing Technology [...]

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SCCIJ Luncheon with Dr. Brice Koch, CEO of Hitachi Automotive

The Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan is organizing a Luncheon with Dr. Brice Koch, CEO of Hitachi Automotive. The topic of his speech will be “The Hitachi journey as well as the automotive market and its challenges and opportunities”, in which he will discuss the challenges and opportunities with globalization of both Hitachi group [...]

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Success Stories of the Automotive Industry from Germany & Japan and Cultural Challenges

On May 24th, a seminar "Success Stories of the Automotive Industry and e-Mobility from Germany/NRW & Japan" was organized by NRW.INVEST and NRW Japan K.K. in Yokohama. The first presentation after the greeting and introduction was by Dr. Fabian Schmidt, CTO of Street Scooter - one of the most famous automotive start-ups in Germany. Following [...]

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Automotive Engineering Expo 2018 Yokohama

The Automotive Engineering Expo in Yokohama is Japan`s largest expo for automotive engineering, first held in 1992. Besides the exhibition of the latest trends and newest technologies for automotive applications by the top tier manufacturers in Japan also presentations and lectures as well as workshops and events are held at these three days. This year, [...]

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