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ATN Hölzel GmbH is a leading German provider of application technology, system engineering and automation, as well as a one-stop solution provider of dedicated systems for many industries, in particular automotive. 

You might think robots are the key factor of automation in automotive and battery factories. But the challenges today are in the application and the control of materials, especially in adhesion processes.  There are different process steps, that need special attention and experience: the handling of high-viscosity liquid material that are difficult to dose, the pretreatment of the substrate, mixing of two components to create the actual adhesive, and in addition keeping each process within the required tact time. 
ATN has managed to meet very demanding requirements from German automotive manufacturers by developing dedicated equipments to handle difficult materials and automate processes with high-level of digitalization.

ATN is now eager to take on new challenges in Japan to leverage their skills and experience for the benefit of the Japanese industry.

San-Ten Consulting is supporting ATN by contacting potential partners, introducing the product and service portfolio, as well as being the contact point in Japan for Japanese companies. If you have a challenging application problem that is difficult to solve, inquires for latest German technologies, or anything else you would like to discuss with ATN, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For a better understanding of ATN’s solutions, please feel free to watch this video: Introduction of ATN (English with Japanese subtitle)

For more detailed information about the products and services in English, please visit ATN’s official website (https://atngmbh.com/en/)

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