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Exacer s.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in the shaping and forming of catalysts and catalyst carrier materials. Exacer has not only great experience in applying unconventional shapes, like trilobes, anchors, or rings with very thin walls. They also can apply their technology to challenging materials, like titania, pure silica, or zirconia. Moreover, also catalyst powder can be shaped.
To find the best form for your specific application, Exacer has a cooperation with the University of Milan for CFD calculations to define packing density, pressure drop, and thermal conductivity.

San-Ten Consulting is the official representative of Exacer in Japan.
 If you like to get more information about the the possibilities of Exacer to shape and form your catalyst or catalyst carriers or if you would like to discuss the best catalyst shape for your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also download a brief overview here


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