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Fiberpartner ApS located in Vejle, Denmark, is a leading supplier of polyester and bi-component staple fibers to clients within nonwovens, home textile and other industrial applications worldwide. As a family-owned business, Fiberpartner has more than 160 years of experience in textile. Today, Fiberpartner is offering strong technical and commercial expertise in staple fibers as a raw material and partners with manufacturers and customers in the researching, developing, sourcing and delivering of fibers for different applications and end-us.

Fiberpartner is a global license partner of Primaloft®Bio ™ for staple fibers for nonwovens and fiberfill and will help their customers to fulfill sustainability goals and circular economy. Primaloft®Bio ™ polyester !bers are designed to return to nature and will biodegrade in special environments where polyester can end up: Oceans, landfill, and waste water treatment*. After biodegradation, no plastic is left and only natural components, biomass, methane, carbon dioxide, and water are left**.

The big advantage of polyester fibers with Primaloft®Bio ™ technology is, that they can be used like conventional polyester fibers and no change in product and production process is necessary. Under normal use conditions, also no biodegradation will occur, making the products of high quality and long-lasting.

San-Ten Consulting is the business development partner and representative of Fiberpartner in Japan and the local contact for all inquiries, development projects and business.

If you like to get more information about the availability of Primaloft®Bio ™ fibers in Japan and the features of Fiberpartner ApS or if you want to discuss your application idea and become a development partner, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also download a brief overview here

*) Tests according to ASTM D5511 (landfill), ASTM D6691 (marine water), and ASTM D5210 (wastewater).
**)Test according to ASTM E1963