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The 14th Advanced Surface Technology Exhibition & conference is held together with the Surface Technology exhibition.

Main topics to be covered are:

  • Materials (e.g. functional nano thin film, conductive materials, insulator thin film, water shedding/ hydrophilic materials, anti-fouling / anti-bacterium materials, etc.)
  • Surface Processing / Coating / Joint Technology (e.g. water shedding / hydrophilic surface processing, rheology, nano scale barrier film, nano porous membrane, nano lubricating film, DLC coating, ceramics / titanium / fluorine coating, etc.)
  • Electronic Parts / Devices (e.g. FED, SED, organic electro luminescence display, flat panel, ink jet, magnetic tape, filter, fuel cell, solar battery, etc.)
  • Surface Processing / Manufacturing / Measuring Instruments (e.g. corona / ozone / plasma surface processing instruments, rheology-related equipment, thin film coater, laminating machine, UV lamp, EB radiation instruments, electron microscope, etc.)

If you cannot attend the exhibitions in person but would be interested to get some information about specific topics, technologies, or exhibitors, please contact us either via email or contact form to discuss further arrangements. 

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