Is M&A possible in Japan?

The question, whether M&A happens in Japan and if it is even possible at all for foreign companies, is the topic of an article by Dr. Ralf Mayer, Founder and Executive Consultant of San-Ten Consulting, that was published recently in the German journal Asia Bridge.

M&A of a foreign company is one possibility to grow abroad, to develop new markets or access new technologies and innovation. Japan certainly is a rewarding market in these respects, however, many managers wonder how to do M&A in Japan with all it’s unique business custom and cultural peculiarities and if it is possible at all for a foreign company.

In the article, Dr. Mayer describes why Japanese companies are rather reluctant to sell to foreign companies, what strategies can be successful and why in particular German companies should have an advantage in Japan.

M&A in Japan is possible – if one considers the cultural peculiarities of the country!

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