つばめBHB株式会社 がCHEManagerInternationalイノベーションピッチで高い評価を得ました。これは、サポートをしたサン・テンコンサルティングにとっても大変喜ばしいことです。 つばめBHBは、新たなアンモニア合成技術を開発し、小規模オンデマンド生産を可能にしました。 再生可能エネルギー源と共に使用できて、貯蔵および輸送の手段としてグリーン水素生産への活用が期待されます。詳細については、CHEManager International 1/2021のWebサイトをご覧ください。

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Fine Chemicals Japan 2019

"Pushing the Boundaries of Chemical Innovation to Enhance Quality of Life" is this years motto of the Fine Chemicals Japan exhibition. The exhibition aims to provide a platform for the exchange of information about the technological innovations and developments in the chemical industry and to allow participants to create new business opportunities. If you cannot [...]

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Japan SMEs Tech & Services 2019 – Tokyo

At this exhibition, small and medium enterprises throughout Japan will exhibit their newest products, services and technologies from a great variety of industries, such as Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Food; Construction; Textile; Paper and Paper Processing; Printing; Chemicals; Plastic and Rubber; Medical, etc. If you cannot attend the exhibitions in person but would be interested to get [...]

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