San-Ten Consulting合同会社は日本でDienerPrecision Pumps社の事業を展開致します

弊社は、DienerPrecision Pumps社(以下ディーナプレシジョンポンプ)から日本での事業開発と拡大を委託されたことをお知らせでき大変嬉しく思います。 ディーナプレシジョンポンプ社(エンブラハ、スイス)は、中規模および大規模のOEM顧客向けに、流体移送用のカスタムメイドの精密計量ピストンおよび(マイクロ)ギアポンプを製造しています。 ディーナプレシジョンポンプを使用している主な産業は、医療機器、検査技師、および連続インクジェット印刷です。日本はこれらの産業に強く、ディーナプレシジョンポンプ  社は日本の顧客へポンプの提供やOEMにも洗練された製品を提供していくと共に日本でのビジネスを拡大していければ考えています。 弊社は、2022年3月1日から、ディーナプレシジョンポンプ社の製品の販売およびマーケティングに関連するすべてのタスクを計画、編成、実行するとともに、日本での代表および連絡窓口となることにより、ディーナプレシジョンポンプ社の日本市場参入をサポート致します。  弊社は、DienerPrecision Pumps社の日本でのビジネスをサポートすることを非常に楽しみにしています。

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MedTec Japan 2019

The Largest Medical Device Manufacturing and Design show in Asia is held in Tokyo, showing the latest Technologies and Products from Medical Device Manufacturers. Besides the Medtec Japan with medical devices itself, also the "ElectroMed", "Smart Health", "Care & Welfare Robot Expo", "Test Kit", as well as "MedTech City" are concurrently held. If you cannot [...]

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Care Show Japan 2019

Care Show Japan comprises of five specialized exhibitions that covers nursing care, medical care, health care, health facility management and information technology for the care sector. Care Show Japan provides you with the perfect opportunity to meet decision makers and buyers in the care sector in Japan. If you cannot attend the exhibitions in person but [...]

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The NEPCON Japan will be the show for all experts & professionals involved in the wide range of fields related to Electronics Manufacturing, e.g. Home Appliances, Audio / Visual Equipment, Aircraft / Vessel Equipment, Optical Instrument, Semiconductor Assembly, Medical Device and Others etc. If you cannot attend the exhibitions in person but would be interested [...]

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Innovation Japan 2019

Organized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), the Innovation Japan 2019 is a great opportunity to get information and establish contacts. Universities from all over Japan will show their latest developments in various fields, for example life science, medical devices, nanotechnology, low carbon [...]

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MEDIX is a specialized exhibition that brings together the latest technologies required to design and manufacture medical devices, such as metal/plastic processing technology, manufacturing equipment, equipment components, factory automation technology, measuring technology, image technology, packaging technology and various IT solutions. It attracts a great number of medical device manufacturers who manufacture syringes, thermometers, artificial organs, catheters, [...]

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