About JIOS Aerogel

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JIOS Aerogel pty ltd. is a manufacturer of aerogel powder with bases in Korea and Singapore. Based on a new proprietary production technology and process, many costly steps and materials of the conventional production can be omitted. Therefore, the high-quality aerogel powder by JIOS can be economically used in new applications, like insulation and fire-resistant coatings, textiles, gypsum boards, polymer masterbatches, and many more.
Today, with about 700 mto annual production capacity, JIOS is the world largest aerogel powder manufacturer.

San-Ten Consulting is the official representative of JIOS Aerogel Pty Ltd in Japan.

If you like to get more information about the availability of Aerogel in Japan and the features of JIOS AeroVa or if you want to discuss your application idea and become a development partner, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also download a brief overview here

What is Aerogel?

  • Aerogel is a low-density, nanoporous material and is the lightest man-made material in the world.

  • Impervious to water (hydrophobic) but allows air to pass through Open Cell Network

  • Aerogel is a network of minute silicon dioxide cells that are formed in clusters

Features of JIOS AeroVa

Particle Size Range
1 ~ 40 ㎛
Pore Diameter
9 ~ 11 ㎚
Bulk Density
0.03 ~ 0.05 g/㎤
Surface Chemistry
Super Hydrophobic
Thermal Conductivity
0.016 ~ 0.020 W/m∙K
Surface Area
700 ~ 800 ㎡/g
> 90%
Temperature Range
-200℃ ~ 1,600℃

Aerogel : Enhancing Applications


Ongoing Application R&D

  • JIOS Aerogel currently has 46 patented aerogel application technologies

  • Building partnership with industrial specialists in developing new aerogel applications