ASTEC2019 and SURTECH2019

The 14th Advanced Surface Technology Exhibition & conference is held together with the Surface Technology exhibition. Main topics to be covered are: Materials (e.g. functional nano thin film, conductive materials, insulator thin film, water shedding/ hydrophilic materials, anti-fouling / anti-bacterium materials, etc.) Surface Processing / Coating / Joint Technology (e.g. water shedding / hydrophilic surface [...]

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nano tech 2019

The 18th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference at Tokyo Big Sight brings together all new developments and technologies in the nano materials area. If you cannot attend the exhibitions in person but would be interested to get some information about specific topics, technologies, or exhibitors, please contact us either via email or contact form to [...]

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4th JAPAN BUILD (International Building & Home Week)

JAPAN BUILD is an Asia's leading show covering building and housing industries, held twice a year in Tokyo and Osaka. It consists of 5 shows which gather Smart Building Technology, Home AI/IoT Solution, Building Material, Housing Equipment, Renovation Technology, Home Builder Support Service, etc. This year's editions consists of the following exhibitions: 4th Building Material [...]

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Highly-functional Materials Week

With more than 900 exhibitors, the Highly-Functional Materials Week is one of the largest exhibition covering new developments and technologies from all relevant sectors. This years exhibition comprises the following single exhibitions: 10th Highly-functional FILM EXPO TOKYO 8th Highly-functional PLASTIC EXPO TOKYO 6th Highly-functional METAL EXPO TOKYO 4th Highly-functional CERAMICS EXPO TOKYO 3rd ADHESION & [...]

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Japan SMEs Tech & Services 2019 – Tokyo

At this exhibition, small and medium enterprises throughout Japan will exhibit their newest products, services and technologies from a great variety of industries, such as Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Food; Construction; Textile; Paper and Paper Processing; Printing; Chemicals; Plastic and Rubber; Medical, etc. If you cannot attend the exhibitions in person but would be interested to get [...]

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Japan Home & Building Show

Japan Home & Building Show is the largest conglomerate exhibition in Japan for Housing and Building industry with over 41 years of history, having gained reputations from the domestic professionals. This year in 2019, this event would be held with several joint exhibitions, fascinating a variety of visitors from the field of home building, construction, [...]

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Highly-Functional Material World, Osaka

At INTEX Osaka, the 7th Highly-functional Material Week takes place from May 22 till May 24. Six different exhibitions, all focusing on Highly-functional materials, are held concurrently at one place: 7th Highly-functional FILM EXPO OSAKA 7th Highly-functional PLASTIC EXPO OSAKA  6th Highly-functional METAL EXPO OSAKA 4th Highly-functional CERAMICS EXPO OSAKA 3rd ADHESION & JOINING EXPO OSAKA 2nd [...]

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