SAMPE Japan and VACUUM 2019

The symposium and exhibition of the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) as well as The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science will be held this year at Pacifico Yokohama. Various companies and SME from the area of Surface Science, Material Science and Process Engineering will exhibit the latest trends [...]

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ASTEC2019 and SURTECH2019

The 14th Advanced Surface Technology Exhibition & conference is held together with the Surface Technology exhibition. Main topics to be covered are: Materials (e.g. functional nano thin film, conductive materials, insulator thin film, water shedding/ hydrophilic materials, anti-fouling / anti-bacterium materials, etc.) Surface Processing / Coating / Joint Technology (e.g. water shedding / hydrophilic surface [...]

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Highly-functional Materials Week

With more than 900 exhibitors, the Highly-Functional Materials Week is one of the largest exhibition covering new developments and technologies from all relevant sectors. This years exhibition comprises the following single exhibitions: 10th Highly-functional FILM EXPO TOKYO 8th Highly-functional PLASTIC EXPO TOKYO 6th Highly-functional METAL EXPO TOKYO 4th Highly-functional CERAMICS EXPO TOKYO 3rd ADHESION & [...]

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