Energy Efficient Construction in Germany and Japan

On April 17, 2018, San-Ten Consulting joined a symposium about “Energy Efficiency in Germany and Japan: Solutions for Commercial, Public and Residential Buildings”, organized by the German Chamber of Commerce in Japan together with Baden-Württemberg. Various presentations had been given by on one hand governmental organizations from Japan and Germany and private companies on the other. Most interesting from an innovation perspective had certainly been the presentation by Mr. Leo Doctor with Deutsche Energiesysteme GmbH who introduced a polymer embedded carbon fiber sheet as smart heating solution. The sheet can be applied to walls or floors and heats safely with low voltage. Even drilling into the sheet doesn`t affect its heating properties. In the afternoon, Mr. Andreas Lehmann presented smart ventilation systems for decentralized ventilation. Inside the ventilation system a ceramic is heated by the warm air in the house when vented to the outside. After some time, the ventilation direction is changed and cool, fresh air from the outside is streaming into the home but gets pre-heated by the warm ceramics. Moreover, Mr. Hirokazu Tanaka from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy explained, why a warm house in Japan is even a life-safer: Studies show that when going in and out a 40 degC Japanese bath (O-Furo) from a 11 degC cold bath room the impact on the blood pressure is tremendous and can lead to death. In the contrary, stepping into the bath from a 20 degC room temperature is much more convenient for the body.

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