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Under our motto Discover – Connect – Retain, we deliver customized solutions for your actual needs. If you are in search of a distributor for your goods, a representative to develop your business, or a new technology for your innovation pipeline, we can help you with our knowledge, network, and experienced team of partners with hands-on managerial experience.


* In cooperation with our financial service pertner: M&A support, integration management and board representation

Market Entry Support

Depending on your market situation and needs, we can discover the market potential for you in Japan. We can find and connect you to business partners, that can sell your products in the Japanese market. We can also be your representative in Japan, discover new clients, introduce your products or services, and retain the relationship on the ground, without founding an expensive subsidiary in Japan.
Please find more details on our website or download our Service Guide for Market Entry Support.

Innovation Sourcing

If you are looking for new technologies and developments for your innovation pipeline, we can scout and discover new technology that is relevant for your business, connect you to the respective institutions, and help you in licensing, investments, and acquisitions.
Please find more details on our website or download our Service Guide for Innovation Sourcing.

Foreign Companies in Japan

Even if your business is already well established in Japan, there can be need for additional support. Often, for example, subsidiaries of global companies don’t have dedicated staff for each and every task. But you would like to participate in Japan’s technology developments or invest into startups or M&A targets? Or you need support in coaching your staff in Western style market research?
If this sounds familiar, please have a look to our website or download our Service Guide for Foreign Companies in Japan.