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Representation & Business Development

Exacer s.r.l. is specialized in forming and shaping of catalysts and catalyst carriers. Not only can Exacer produce advanced shapes like trilobes or anchors. Exacer can also give form to difficult materials like Titania or Zirconia.
With our technology background, San-Ten Consulting supports Exacer to discover new customers, connect the development departments and retains the contacts and communication in Japan as the local contact window.
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Fiberpartner ApS is a leading supplier of polyester and bi-component staple fibers to clients within nonwovens, home textile and other industrial applications worldwide.
In order to support their entry into the Japan market,
San-Ten Consultingis the business development partner and representative of Fiberpartner in Japan and the local contact for all inquiries, development projects and business.
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ATN Hölzel GmbH is a leading German provider of application technology, system engineering and automation, as well as a one-stop solution provider of dedicated systems for many industries, in particular automotive.
In order to support their entry into the Japanese market,
San-Ten Consulting is discovering potential partners and customers, introducing the product and service portfolio, and being the local point of contact.
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Diener Precision Pumps (DPP) is one of the leading manufacturers of custom-made precision metering piston and (micro) gear pumps for fluid transfers. Typical applications are medical devices, laboratory equipment and inkjet printers, where individual flow designs are necessary.
San-Ten Consulting is supporting DPP by representing the company in Japan as well as planning and executing all marketing & sales activities.
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Market Entry Support


WIENER is one of the world leading companies in design and production of state-of-the-art electronic chassis, mainframes and power supplies for the scientific research community as well as for industry applications.WIENER was searching for a new distributor in Japan with the right technical background and access to the very specific scientific research market.
San-Ten Consultingsuccessfully supported WIENER and could find a suitable new distributor for their products in Japan.

Salus-Hausis a German family-owned manufacturer of herbal health food products, herbal infusions, medicines and OTC drugs, including the popular brand, Floradix, with over 100 years of history. To expand their sales in Japan, Salus is searching for a new partner that can market and sell the products in different sales channels, including retail and online shops.
San-Ten Consultingis supporting the search by discovering possible partner companies in Japan, contacting and assessing them, and eventually connecting Salus and the most promising companies and arranging further business negotiations.

Universal Materials Incubator (UMI) is a Venture Capital and Private Equity Fund established to strengthen Japan’s technological capabilities by fostering outstanding material and chemical companies.
In order to support their portfolio companies and startups in internationalization, San-Ten Consulting is researching the European market, advising on entry strategies and connecting them to potential investors and cooperation partners in Europe.

JIOS Aerogel is a provider of high-quality and high purity silica aerogel. With their proprietary production technology, JIOS can provide silica aerogel powder for prices that makes it feasible to use in new applications With our background in chemicals & materials industry,
San-Ten Consulting supports JIOS Aerogel to discover new customers, connect the development departments and retains the contacts and communication in Japan as the local contact window.

Lectures and Workshops


The Center for International Careers (CfIC) supports Japanese professionals in an international environment by providing trainings in business English language and presentation skills.
Together with San-Ten Consulting, we created a special workshop for Japanese Managers to give impeccable presentations in an international environment.
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The Steinbeis School of Management and Technology is a German based business school providing a Master of Business Engineering course for graduate students.
San-Ten Consulting supports the program by giving lectures about Business Culture in Japan and International Marketing to joint classes of Japanese and German students while their stint in Japan.


The Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration (RIEB) of Kobe University is one of the leading institutes in Japan.
In cooperation with the Corporate Competitiveness Research Division (Prof. Bebenroth) San-Ten Consultingcould give a lecture about “Culture Based Challenges and Counter-Strategies in cross-border M&A”.

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