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Selected Projects

  • Development of market entry strategy in Japan and selection of potential cooperation partners

  • Approach and first contact to Japanese companies

  • Successful established cooperation and joint product development

  • Preparing startups for international business by supporting and coaching in Business Model development, product lineups, finance plans, presentations, etc.

  • Support in international Market Intelligence and Market Research

  • Establishing contact to Overseas companies

  • Selection of potential cooperation partners and M&A targets in the field of cosmetic ingredients

  • Proposal of approach and support in first contact to selected Japanese company

  • Successful established partnership with regard to joint product development, market access, and cross-selling

Selected Lectures & Workshops

Eating Peas with Chopsticks: Mastering Business in Japan & International Marketing

Lectures given in the “Master of Business Engineering” Program 2019 of the Steinbeis School of Management & Technology.

Eating Peas with Chopsticks is focussing on general cultural differences between the two countries and how they impact business life. In particular, how the decision making process works in Japan, what time frame is needed and how disagreement is articulated is extremely important to understand for successful business in Japan.

The second lecture about International Marketing was aiming to create an understanding of the effect of cultural differences on buying decisions of consumers as well as professional buyers and how they can be implemented into a marketing strategy.

Culture Based Challenges and Counter-Strategies in cross-border M&A

Lecture at the Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration (RIEB) of Kobe University about how cultural aspects are impacting the outcome and success of international, cross-border M&A.

Business Development in a German Chemical Company

Lecture at the University of Tokyo`s “Enhancing Development of Global Entrepreneur” (EDGE) Program about how German companies include market insights and expected business calculations into product development projects.