Lecture at Kobe University about cross-border M&A

On February 14, 2018, Dr. Ralf Mayer gave a presentation about “Culture Based Challenges and Counter-Strategies in Cross-Border M&A” at the Research Institute of Economics and Business Administration (RIEB) of Kobe University. Dr. Mayer started the presentation with a brief overview of different approaches to measure cultural differences with regard to certain criteria. Besides the earlier studies of Hofstede and The Globe Project, he focused on “The Culture Map” studies of Erin Meyer at INSEAD. Along the culture maps of Germany and Japan, he discussed the biggest differences that might affect a cross-border M&A between German and Japanese companies. After that, he showed some examples of real acquisitions between German and Japanese companies and discussed the approach, outcome and possible strategies to avoid a negative result with the listening students. In the Q&A round after the presentation, the students showed great interest in these findings and discussed lively the different cultural aspects in cross-border M&A and that “Fish don’t see water”.

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