New logo of San-Ten Consulting

Since we developed our support offers and services portfolio as well as clients and staff of our company over the past 5 years of operation, we think it is also time to reflect this development in the logo of San-Ten Consulting LLC, even more since the newly formed corporation took over the business beginning of the year.

Of course, we still keep the three dots, what is the meaning of our name and the Japanese wordサン・テン (三・点) and which represent the foreign companies, the Japanese companies, and our company that we interconnect.

But they are now on a same level and the colors are intertwining in the middle showing that not only we in the center are connected to the outside two dots, but that we also enable the connection between these foreign and Japanese companies. In addition, the purple color of San-Ten is gently embracing the other partners like wings, fostering the relationship and business.

We hope, you will like our new logo and appreciate the development we made in the past. 

We will always strive to serve your needs best and support your ambitions in the Japanese as well as overseas market.

2022-04-06T11:01:01+00:00 April 6th, 2022|