Successful Exhibition at the 124. Catalysis Conference

San-Ten Consulting is pleased to announce that we will support Exacer s.r.l. from Sassuolo, Italy, to expand their business in Japan. Exacer has leading technology in shaping and forming of catalysts as well as catalyst carriers.

To start into the new business opportunities in Japan, we together exhibited at the 124. Catalysis Conference in Nagasaki, Japan, from September 18 – 20. Exacer could present some samples and explain their outstanding technology to interested visitors from Industry and Universities.

Besides the shaping of “usual” carrier materials, like alumina or silica, into standard shapes, Exacer is capable of forming more exceptional materials, like titanium or 100% silica (without binder), into sophisticated shapes. For example, high density spheres by tabletting, trilobes with additional holes inside, or “slotted” rings with notches on each side to reduce the pressure drop in the reactor. Moreover, different pore structures including bimodal pores can be realized. Additionally, also active catalyst material can be formed and calcined – also containing nitrate compounds due to a DeNOx exhaust stream treatment.

For more information about the technology of Exacer and shaping capabilities, please contact us either via email or contact form


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