About us

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Our Competitive Advantages

  • Many years of consulting experience with broad knowledge in the areas of market entry support and innovation management
  • Well experienced in market studies, business strategies, joint developments with companies, and joint research with academia in Japan, as well as M&A and CVC
  • Insights into several markets and industries on a B2B level, e.g. chemicals, automotive, health care, pharmaceuticals, paint and coatings, and construction industries
  • Existing network to many corporations and SME, research institutes, universities, (governmental) institutions, venture capital organizations, and M&A agents in Japan
  • Deep understanding of Japanese culture and business customs, as well as intercultural, cross-border management
  • Provision of a one-stop solution by cooperating with reliable partners in other consulting areas like legal advice, tax & accounting, communications, back office, or recruitment
  • Support of the Master of Business Engineering program at Steinbeis University as well as other universities and NPOs in Japan with lectures and mentorship
  • Membership in several foreign chambers of commerce in Japan

Our Team

Dr. Ralf Mayer, Founder and Executive Consultant

Ralf studied chemistry in Germany and joined a leading chemical company after his PhD. He had been working for 15 years in different managerial positions and came to Japan in 2013, where he held the position of General Manager and Head of Regional Development. In this position he gained the knowledge about the peculiarities of the Japanese business customs and how to develop business in Japan. In 2017 he founded San-Ten Consulting in order to support foreign companies doing business in Japan and expand their activities in this highly rewarding market. He knows the consulting business from both sides and always strives for a custom-tailored, hands-on consultation that is leading to practical results by having the feet on the ground for our clients.

You can find a more detailed background & experience overview of Dr. Ralf Mayer on his LinkedIn profile.

Ayako Koyano, Executive Assistant

Ayako gained extensive experience in international communication by working long years in international environments and different industries, such as electronics, IT, and legal services. She joined San-Ten Consulting in November 2020 and is since then engaged in multiple projects, including technology scouting and market research. With her strong communication skills and being bilingual in Japanese and English, she assists in building the communication bridge between foreign and Japanese companies.

Shoryu Shiobara, Marketing Manager

Shoryu has been studying media and communication in the US and gained experience in marketing by working for different industries, such as IT, fashion, and architecture. He is perfectly bilingual and experienced in international communication. He joined San-Ten Consulting in January 2021 and is since then engaged in the marketing of our customers’ products as well as our own activities.

You can find a more detailed background & experience overview of Shoryu on his LinkedIn profile.

Name and Logo of San-Ten Consulting

The name and logo of San-Ten Consulting is derived from the Japanese 三・点 which means 3 dots or points and symbolizes the connection of two dots via the third, i.e. enabling the connection of a foreign and a Japanese company in order to do successful business.
Moreover, the three points also stand for a traditional business philosophy in Japan from the Edo period (1603-1868) called Sanpoyoshi (三方良し) which means, that a business is only considered “good” if it is good for the seller (売り方), the buyer (買い方) and the society (世間). In this spirit, San-Ten Consulting wants to contribute to the society by supporting balanced business between companies in and outside Japan.

Company Information

Company name San-Ten Consulting LLC
Office location Shinjuku Nomura Bldg. 32F, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, 163-0532 Tokyo, Japan
Year of Foundation Founded May 10th, 2017, Incorporated November 8th, 2021
Managing Partner Ralf Wilfried Mayer
Paid-in Capital 5,000,000 Yen
Description of business Support for market entry to Japan and overseas expansion
 bank of account  Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation、SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Ltd.